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802.11 and Wi-Fi Physical Layer & Transmitter Measurements – Tektronix

Yes – this one is pretty geeky – but also full of some details about the 802.11 protocol at the PHY layer which comes in handy at times. This is all based directly on the IEEE 802.11 protocols, but put in a fairly useful format of a poster.
For the details when you might be looking at Wi-Fi with a spectrum analyzer, this chart can be helpful.

Wireless Penetration Testing Flowchart

Another chart from the Wireless LAN Assessment Toolkit classes – why not?, it is a morsel old and long in the teeth, but even with the up-to-the-minute PenTesting tools and/or a tool like a Hak5 Pineapple, this stream can help target and isolation processes to help in the Pen Testing process.

I don’t normally pass this with me in my toolkit, morsel it is printed and laminated in the Pen Testing kit.

Wireless Tech Field Day is Now Mobility Field Day

We declare all loved the Tech Field Day measures representing bringing countless content to the IT communities they aid. I’ve proudly been an avid watcher of all these sessions – the opening duo as a ‘remote’ viewer, tuning in representing the complimentary live broadcasts, and next soon as an on-site delegate.

Dissecting the Latest Aruba Access Point

Attending conferences is a impressive way to study. Learn concerning the changes to the operating systems, newborn skin, and of possibility a impressive way to set-up with newborn associates, and hang disallowed with old associates.

Encapsulated WLAN Design for Apple by Cisco

After conception the 36-page handbook from Cisco on how to design pro Apple diplomacy on your WLAN, I’ve culled it down to a quick fit of recommendations with the intention of can straightforwardly fit on a single leaf.
Based on the Apple/Cisco recommendations – you need to design your Wi-Fi logic to the following values:

Adjusting your WLAN design requirements based on target client devices.

Many era in dealing with customers who are requesting a WLAN design, we ask the question, “What policy complete you require us to design the WLAN to?” – we are generally met with a “Duh!” kind of air and a call for to design in lieu of “All of them…”.