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Marketing Hype vs Reality

I ongoing to think approximately the make property this might cause our Wireless LANs in the prospect as 802.11ac Wave 2 in on the horizon meant for then time.
Though I, like many of you, are intrigued and impressed by the technical complexity and geek-coolness of MU-MIMO… I ongoing to think through approximately of the implications and how actuality is ready to trump marketing advertise.

Those marketing Wave2 as the “Panacea” of Wi-Fi congestion will be proven sin. (I added the word Panacea emphatically meant for my isolated Sam Clements)

Kudos to the Consummate Professionals

I’ve been involved in the Computer Network Industry on behalf of a outsized portion of my life – and specifically in Wireless LANs on behalf of 14 years at present.

Popular my many travels around the humanity I’ve been blessed to maintain practiced many separate types of situations concerning wireless networks, and maintain met, qualified, and worked with thousands of persons.

Public Wi-Fi – Fast, Free and Easy

This is the to start with segment of a succession of blog posts as regards Public Wi-Fi opportunities. Of sequence, these are immediately the opinions of this author. But it comes from interviews with hundreds of customers.

Many in the WLAN industry who like to push solutions to their customers might acquire the attitudes reflected in these posts as counter to them making more money. But the reasons in favor of this succession is to accomplish people think. Think as regards how you PERSONALLY would like to access Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi – Fast, Free and Easy

This is the third in a cycle of blog posts with reference to Public Wi-Fi opportunities. Of gush, these are merely the opinions of this author.


This final account of skillful communal Wi-Fi is an alternative lone with lots of controversy. First a caveat, if you live in a countryside which has a few crazy law which forces a solution other than this effortless lone – evidently you’ll need to go along the laws of your countryside. Or better yet, lobby to remove such crazy restrictions!

7 Rules for Accurate Site Surveys | Infographic

  1. Calibrate Your Drawing Properly
  2. Set the Channel Scan to the Correct Frequencies
  3. Set your Guess Range Properly
  4. Set Appropriate ‘Snap Rate’ for Your Situation
  5. Capture on Both Sides of What You Care About
  6. Click Accurately
  7. Always, Always Do a Passive Survey

5GHz Channel Allocations – WLAN Pro Resource Tool

About 5GHz channel allocations…

“Wireless on 5GHz isn’t original, so you can be wondering why DFS is suddenly flattering an back number. The original challenge stems from individual of the mechanisms to facilitate enables 802.11ac’s quicker speeds: Its broader channel widths. Earlier Wi-Fi principles used 20 MHz- and 40 MHz-wide channels. 802.11ac allows 40 MHz-wide channels, and its real swiftness emerges at what time using 80 MHz-wide channels. The 11ac specification moreover outlines 160 MHz-wide channels, but on this heart it’s a conjectural implementation and not on the roadmap on behalf of largely vendors.”