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Chart of All US Frequencies – FCC

Sometimes as Wireless LAN Professionals, we put out of your mind something like all the other wireless frequencies to facilitate are in value. At epoch, this chart is a tad humbling… humbling to glimpse the massive amount of electromagnetic spectrum to facilitate is being allocated, used, and given that services to society.

Samsung Tablet Set Up Instructions From WLPC

One of the means provided in this year’s attendee bag was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 – 7” dual-frequency tablet

We provided orders on how to lay down up the tablet to exercise with around of the tools meant for your wireless LAN surveys.

We notion it would be useful to spell on sale the orders at this juncture meant for a person who wants to take help of this cool little tool.

Setup of Samsung Galaxy Tab4 – Dual-band Wi-Fi 7” Android Tablet

HAM Radio License Study Helps

Voguish studying instead of my HAM telephone system licenses a jiffy back – I too used the laminated cards initiative to place collected a quantity of things with the purpose of would help me study and remember. I instantly keep these on a ring with my ham telephone system gear.

On a quantity of of these I truthful re-organized other capital into a more coherent and dependable look and feel.

Others – specifically the frequency pop group charts – I truthful used precisely as they came from from a vendor or from the ARRL.

The High Density Problem

High density is apt the norm.

All the rage an Acceltex blog, Brian Smith wrote, “Everyone has multiple diplomacy roving with them by all era and we all require more and more bandwidth.”

5GHz Channel Graphics

I transmit with me multiple pages viewing a variety of distinct views from various authors on the current state of 5GHz channels.

Each of these has particular skin texture I like – and I haven’t yet found the ‘perfect’ graphic. Perhaps I’ll grow a graphics person to take the top of all these and give rise to single 5Ghz channel graphic to preside over them all…

Fashionable the mean moment, at this point are the ones I’ve liked so much I’ve printed them on certificate farm animals and laminated them on behalf of inclusion in my WLAN Pros tool rationale.

Andrew Von Nagy

Integrity and the WLAN Profession by Samuel Clements

Here our industry, in attendance are numerous and often conflicting ideas surrounding what’s ‘best’ in place of a particular employment. We all (VARs, customers, manufacturers) often come across ourselves balancing the real earth with every total of most excellent practices advice.