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My thesis of this blog publish is to Wi-Fi is NOT an un-specialized outcome, but something to is highly unique and differentiates highly among various vendor options. Wi-Fi Access Points are NOT compatible with other Wi-Fi Access Points. So the very premise of Wi-Fi being a commodity is wide of the mark.

MetaGeek Chanalyzer 5

MetaGeek’s Chanalyzer 5 turns RF spectrum data collected from Wi-Spy DBx into highly interactive charts and graphs. This allows IT professionals to visualize the company wireless network’s landscape.
It gives a quick insight into distinctive types of interferences on the system and whether they are Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi allied. Chanalyzer 5 too wires Cisco’s CleanAir Access Points representing spectrum analysis.

Reference tools for the Wireless LAN Professional – Laminated Cards

Sure sets of in turn.

Some on a on a daily basis basis. These ID give found a home-grown on my iPad with the intention of I exhaust instead of housing technical wherewithal to give as a reference whilst the need arises.

How to “Cheat” on a Survey | Infographics

Because of the flexibility and treatment capabilities built into as a rule put survey applications, persons can either expressively, or accidentally, wear and tear these facial appearance to ‘Cheat’ and manage survey data look special than it really is.

OK, I understand the word ‘Cheat’ is a depreciatory, and connotes more or less sort of blatant attempt to break more or less rules or misrepresent. Many persons a short time ago didn’t know a few better as they functional these methods in their survey treatment. I’m not implying so as to these techniques advocate a few malfeasance, no more than ignorance.

Cambium Networks Point to Multipoint Network Gear #WFD 8

I really wanted to ascertain more from Cambium Networks on their full-suite of Point to Multi-Point and Point-to-Point solutions. But since this was Wireless Tech Field Day – we listening carefully on their ePMP line. These are lower-cost, lower-performance sets of gear. But it makes sense… individuals in the scope, and the majority of individuals watching the onslaught are Wireless LAN Professionals, with a background in Wi-Fi, so focusing on their line of equipment with the purpose of was based on Wi-Fi SoC’s seemed to be a beneficial wealth.

IEEE 802.11 Pocket Reference Guide – SANS Institute

This license is really informative once working in Wireshark to lookup and avail yourself of the details of how 802.11 frames are comprised. Especially persons pesky little ‘Frame Sub-type’ details – I by no means can seem to remember if a sign is ‘wlan.Fc.Type_subtype eq 8’ or ‘4’…

This is furthermore informative once coaching CWAP type equipment to be able to reference the 802.11 title format and what did you say? Both of the Frame Control Sub-Field bits mean.

For the information of Management Frames, I’d probably refer to a further verify – but in place of basic 802.11 frame in a row – this is a fantastic resource.