Most connectivity alternatives (including ADSL) fail to provide in immediate adjust food of its users. This is essentially due to the long waiting periods applicable to installation. Wireless Online provides a honestly immediate solution.Did you know to ADSL is contended (shared) next to both the substitute subsequently again next to the ISP? That income you may perhaps be sharing your connection with hundreds of other users. Wireless Online offers 1:1 service intended for our ruler subscribers to 1:16 on our uncapped options. This income to WO’s speeds are far earlier & steadfast.

Synchronous High Speed Connectivity:
Wireless Online can offer speeds up to 50MBps.
Wireless Online is proudly copper complimentary. WO owns & manages the net from start to put out of misery. ADSL providers treat a third hang loose copper net which susceptible to rust & cable theft
Consequently it has the likely to bring more populace on-line next to a substantially junior cost apiece user.
Wireless Online gives you mobility, and as an alternative of receiving voice, data and videotape in excess of fixed defenses, it would be delivered in excess of the data lines frequency spectrum, allowing intended for connectivity (including multiple connections) across the intimate range.