Reference tools for the Wireless LAN Professional – Laminated Cards

Sure sets of in turn.

Some on a on a daily basis basis. These ID give found a home-grown on my iPad with the intention of I exhaust instead of housing technical wherewithal to give as a reference whilst the need arises.

A separation of these I give chosen to print to license supply, and followed by shield and I convey these with me instead of even closer reference. I’ve complied these specifically since of their survey in answering chronic questions.

Some are constructive instead of sharing in turn with customers and client. Others are accommodating instead of explaining concepts to students. Still others are heroic whilst I’m responsibility troubleshooting and need a very known factor scrap of in turn – especially persons referring to details of 802.11 frames. I notice it fractious to remember all the definite Wireshark put on show filters instead of instance, and so give a chart handy instead of persons time whilst I need to notice a exact frame subtype.

Where promising, I’ll try and source the known factor location and URL of everywhere I found these wherewithal in the at the outset place. Some I’ve had instead of many many years and give lost the relations to everywhere I found them. If some of these are your production – I express regret if I haven’t attributed your production accordingly. Know with the intention of I notice both and each single of these valuable sufficient to convey with me in my WLAN Professionals’ toolkit.

If you recognize some of these and know of the creative author – please consent to me know and we’ll fill in the blog to allot appropriate attribution. Concerning thumbs down exact order – the then run of blog posts will both highlight single of these laminated cards.

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