Public Wi-Fi – Fast, Free and Easy

This is the third in a cycle of blog posts with reference to Public Wi-Fi opportunities. Of gush, these are merely the opinions of this author.


This final account of skillful communal Wi-Fi is an alternative lone with lots of controversy. First a caveat, if you live in a countryside which has a few crazy law which forces a solution other than this effortless lone – evidently you’ll need to go along the laws of your countryside. Or better yet, lobby to remove such crazy restrictions!

Easy can be described quite quickly… to access a Wi-Fi SSID, the put a stop to user have to click on the SSID previously. After with the aim of, the client device remembers the SSID and joins inevitably from at that time on.

No captive portals, rebuff other sign on of in the least kind. Simple, effortless and come again? Put a stop to users mean. Plain and clear-cut.Public-wifi-easy-1

I can hear your complaints and questions already. What with reference to this, come again? With reference to with the aim of, come again? With reference to x, y, and z.

What I am proposing at this time is not brand new. Many great multi-national corporations are at the present embracing this clear-cut, effortless way of accessing their communal Wi-Fi.

Let’s talk to a few of your concerns. First, many simulate incorrectly you need to be inflicted with a few sort of captive portal in order to be inflicted with end-users click on a conditions of service to limit liability. I’ll answer this with a duo of examples.

First up, Disney. Disney is a mammoth multi-national corporation with massive teams of lawyers. Much of their price is in their copyrights,public-wifi-easy-2 intellectual property, and the like. They forethought a group with reference to appointment the laws and restrictions placed in the lead them.

Yet the communal Wi-Fi in the Disney parks is completely on the house of in the least form of captive portal. You click on the Disney SSID, and you are in and running. Next clock you return to the square your device merely machinery.

I’ll reiterate with the aim of previously again in support of importance. Your device merely machinery! It machinery merely the same as once you return to national or run. The device joins the SSID, gets and IP talk to, default gateway and DNS, at that time has straight access to the Internet. (they might be liability a few sort of bandwidth shaping – but I didn’t be inflicted with tools to examine it further)

So if Disney, with all its permissible might, found it not obligatory to be inflicted with a captive portal. Why are you?

Second – the shackle of LaQuinta hotels. Their first in command asked explicitly to be inflicted with their hotels do its stuff as a subsequent national in support of their customers. They mean the experience to be as clear-cut and effortless as it is by national. Not merely by having comfortable beds, on the house breakfasts, and clean place to stay. But the Wi-Fi experience needs to be merely like national. After the pioneer clock relating to the LaQuinta SSID, each clock following your device merely machinery.

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