MetaGeek Chanalyzer 5

MetaGeek’s Chanalyzer 5 turns RF spectrum data collected from Wi-Spy DBx into highly interactive charts and graphs. This allows IT professionals to visualize the company wireless network’s landscape.
It gives a quick insight into distinctive types of interferences on the system and whether they are Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi allied. Chanalyzer 5 too wires Cisco’s CleanAir Access Points representing spectrum analysis.

Chanalyzer 5 wires 5 GHz 802.11ac Wireless networks with the purpose of are 80 MHz-wide with 4 x 4 MIMO. Arrived the similar to forthcoming, it will too support 160 MHz varied signals. Arrived order to do highest speeds using Wireless AC expertise your Wi-Fi system be supposed to be optimized with least interferences.

Chanalyzer 5 displays system in order from both wireless AC and wireless N networks in your 5 GHz wireless situation. The analysis shows exactly which parts of the pop group are being taken up by surrounding Wireless LANs allowing you to indicate the optimum channel representing operations. With Chanalyzer 5 you can build reports using the Report Builder allowing you to add a snapshot or image from the spectrum analysis and expound it to your superiors.

The software is most excellent paired up with MetaGeek’s Wi-Spy DBx spectrum analyzer device. Wi-Spy DBx is a portable USB device which can be connected to slightly Wireless N or Wireless AC system. Chanalyzer’s session executive provides the convenience of categorizing user’s spectrum surveys by scope, floor or spot. Other skin include Waterfall Navigation which allows the user to spring completely to the site of a recording somewhere RF is the highest, narrowing down the size of the analyzed area.

Once you enclose fixed everything up and unguarded the relevance, you will be greeted with beautifully rendered graphics performance in order on the wireless signals in real-time. There are three major windows on the domestic screen – Overview Pane, Details Pane and Navigation Pane. The Navigation pane provides controls representing browsing Wi-Spy/Wi-Fi capture sessions or recordings. You can first-rate distinctive campaign to probe the system and Chanalyzer 5 logs everything.

Waterfall Navigation excitingly displays all data in the current Wi-Spy session to be evidence for the section of stretch detailed in the Overview and Details panes. Overview pane displays distinctive types of data allied to your wireless system which can be used to determine the issues consequential in optimization of your system.

Chanalyzer 5 is paired up with MetaGeek’s Wi-Spy DBx spectrum analyzer and comes in two letters. The Diagnose package outlay $749 on Amazon and barely analyzes 2.4 GHz pop group. The Diagnose Edition which outlay $1,199 analyzes both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and too includes Report Builder and Device Finder. Users will need to fall for Cisco CleanAir-enabled Access Points one by one in order to apply them with Chanalyzer 5.

“Since troubleshooting wireless issues can be frustrating, it’s fastidious to enclose tools with the purpose of are not, themselves, frustrating to apply. Metageek made a cool creation with inSSIDer, but Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer 5 provides so much more in order, with sources of interference. …”

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