How to “Cheat” on a Survey | Infographics

Because of the flexibility and treatment capabilities built into as a rule put survey applications, persons can either expressively, or accidentally, wear and tear these facial appearance to ‘Cheat’ and manage survey data look special than it really is.

OK, I understand the word ‘Cheat’ is a depreciatory, and connotes more or less sort of blatant attempt to break more or less rules or misrepresent. Many persons a short time ago didn’t know a few better as they functional these methods in their survey treatment. I’m not implying so as to these techniques advocate a few malfeasance, no more than ignorance.

Like a customer, the preeminent protection opposed to this type of deception is to ask for not no more than the paper or PDF inform, but the concrete data records so you can re-examination and question the data promptly.

Below are more or less of the techniques so as to allow lone to vary and donate survey data to ponder whatever you might crave.

Ensue wary of using a few of these techniques on your own analysis or in reviewing data presented by other third parties.

Whether it’s on goal, or just an management, the wear and tear of a few of these aforementioned methods may perhaps donate put survey data in an inaccurate light.

Method 1 – Incorrect Signal Propagation Value

One of the easiest ways to save money and spell in the data-gathering chapter of an RF put survey is to play down the digit of concrete data points collected.

Method 2 – Using ‘Auto Contrast’

One of the options in the Color Configuration is to establish the ‘Auto Contrast Adjustment’ checkbox. Normally, the top of the color block is forever the same color, and the underside is forever its same color. Thus the focal point is and forever the same color. Thus a -65dBm is forever represented by the same color on screen and in reports.

Method 3 – Use of ‘Banded’ Color Schemes

Another lone of the many Color options typically accessible is ‘banded colors’. The wear and tear of this color option is now and again functional to radio show could you repeat that? Is ‘acceptable’ or not. Above a positive color crowd is standard, and under is unacceptable.

Method 4 – Access Points Where No Data Exists

It is tranquil and doable designed for accidents to take place and an access tip is placed not anywhere it is in real life, but anywhere you’d like it to be. Or the opposite, lone can place an access tip anywhere it is in the real humanity, but not hold a few data collection points neighboring so as to location.

Method 5 – One-Sided Guesses

No ‘One Way Guesses’. This happens as you don’t capture on both sides of could you repeat that? You charge in the region of. If you take lone data capture tip on the inside perimeter of your building, and don’t and take lone on the outside, therefore the put survey product doesn’t know whatever thing in the region of the ‘thickness’ (in RF Attenuation) of the peripheral wall. It ‘learns’ this by having data captures on both sides of the wall.

Method 6 – Not Enough Data Points

If the SPA is establish to 5m, therefore nearby needs to be a red dot or a blue dot each 5m. Simple. Further dots is fine, but fewer dots than your SPA will upshot in white spaces screening up on the floor preparation. Then you might be tempted to soar the SPA in order to ‘hide’ these white bad skin.

Method 7 – Uncalibrated Survey

When you start a fresh put survey project, you are particular the option to enter the drawing’s dimensions (not the building’s dimensions, but the drawing’s dimensions). If you leave it uniform, (normal) more or less survey applications, such as AirMagnet Survey, will calibrate your drawing to a rectangle 150’ x 150’. This will be your informer sign you hold NOT calibrated yet.

Method 8 – PDF or JPEG Only

Like a customer, you be supposed to ask for the PDF inform, perhaps the survey graphics in JPG format, but as a rule importantly the concrete survey records. This way you can carry out your own analysis. Another capital of misrepresentation is to not include the walking paths and data collection points. This, coupled with a elevated SPA, can be a sign the presented survey data is far too optimistic.

Method 9 – Showing Only the Results designed for a Single SSID

When analyzing survey data, it is very now and again appropriate to include ONLY a special SSID in the data establish. Modish detail, this is the preferred method as analyzing designed for a (STA’s) device’s special design supplies.

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