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About 5GHz channel allocations…

“Wireless on 5GHz isn’t original, so you can be wondering why DFS is suddenly flattering an back number. The original challenge stems from individual of the mechanisms to facilitate enables 802.11ac’s quicker speeds: Its broader channel widths. Earlier Wi-Fi principles used 20 MHz- and 40 MHz-wide channels. 802.11ac allows 40 MHz-wide channels, and its real swiftness emerges at what time using 80 MHz-wide channels. The 11ac specification moreover outlines 160 MHz-wide channels, but on this heart it’s a conjectural implementation and not on the roadmap on behalf of largely vendors.”

“802.11ac operates exclusively in the 5GHz spectrum. While 11n had the chubby spectrum of 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels on its disposal, 11ac is narrow to 5GHz, and individual 36% of the 5GHz channels are open and translucent of DFS and radar.”
5GHz Channel Allocations
Please feel open to download and management on behalf of your own reference. Click on the image on it will take you to the “full size” version.

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