Ethernet Connectivity Test Flowchart – Fluke Networks

For many many years I’ve been a teacher – doctrine to begin with Novell Netware, so therefore Microsoft MCSE, so therefore Cisco CCNA and even a stint burden Linux. But with all of these nearby was a troubleshooting system of using PING to help track down complex issues.


Ping your own IP Address

Ping DHCP Server

Ping Nearside of Default Gateway

Ping Farside of Default Gateway

Ping selected well-known IP Address

Ping DNS Server

Depending on if/when these Pings unsuccessful, we possibly will become skilled at just about the healthiness of the complex.

When I stimulated done to Wireless LANs years in the past, we learned how to be regarded with suspicion Ping can be whilst working on a MAC-layer protocol. We might retain a very poorly performing Wi-Fi with high point retry toll, yet Ping continues to bang everything is fine.

I retain too learned many complex issues come what may ‘become’ wireless issues the microscopic an AP is installed on the complex. Wireless issues are much more challenging and era consuming to troubleshoot than wired complex issues.

For this mind, I’ve made it a standard practice pro my installers to for all time test the wired connection BEFORE installing and access cape. This keeps wired issues as wired issues and helps by not allowing a wired topic to migrate to a wireless single barely as and access cape is installed.

I like to do my installers a Fluke Linksprinter to not barely run all these tests on the wired docks, but the Linksprinter ‘self-documents’ all of these tests to ‘the cloud’ so I retain access to them as well.

These tests are highlighted in an first-rate poster by Fluke Networks. I manipulate this laminated certificate whilst doctrine the installers come again? They are taxing. In the role of well as whilst doctrine the superlative way to troubleshoot Wi-Fi… patch up the question BEFORE it becomes a Wi-Fi question!

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