Cambium Networks Point to Multipoint Network Gear #WFD 8

I really wanted to ascertain more from Cambium Networks on their full-suite of Point to Multi-Point and Point-to-Point solutions. But since this was Wireless Tech Field Day – we listening carefully on their ePMP line. These are lower-cost, lower-performance sets of gear. But it makes sense… individuals in the scope, and the majority of individuals watching the onslaught are Wireless LAN Professionals, with a background in Wi-Fi, so focusing on their line of equipment with the purpose of was based on Wi-Fi SoC’s seemed to be a beneficial wealth.

The ePMP line is based on happening with a Wi-Fi SoC… next removing the bulk, if not all of the MAC layer and replacing it with proprietary protocols specifically designed in lieu of the WISP and PtMP bazaar. They plus enthused down to the PHY and made major changes in attendance as well – taking not permitted the mainstay of Wi-Fi – the Contention process. This is to allow in lieu of the close proximity of transmitters on a WISP tower – if the PHY was basically pigs Wi-Fi, very little traffic might come about. The Listen Before Talk process and the randomization of all frames waiting in lieu of a obvious channel would grind to a halt in this type of natural environment.

It was fun to ascertain how they receive used GPS to sync their co-located AP’s so they all transmit next to the same point in time, and snoop next to the same point in time. There is veto coordinated control among AP’s in lieu of a ‘I chat, you talk’ type of negotiated slot epoch. Instead, all transmit all together, next pause and snoop all together. There are still lots of design issues implicated – but by not relying on the standard Wi-Fi protocols, Cambium was able to operate more like a Cell Tower, calculating while and how loud the clients respond.

So Cambium was able to take from their experience with more expensive FPGA chips in their higher-end products, and adapt it to run on low-cost Wi-Fi SoC’s. Pretty cool really!

Though you be obliged to be warned. This knowledge can NOT operate as a Wi-Fi access layer device. No non-Cambium gear can screw to their customized meet people equipment. But, since their AP’s are based on Wi-Fi chips, they can effortlessly re-code an AP with the purpose of was “Cambiumized” and return it to being a natural ‘follow-the-rules’ Wi-Fi AP. This is abundant in lieu of WISPs – they can utilization the exact same SKU in lieu of the outside backhaul link, next hardwire and Ethernet cable from the outside CPE to an rainy-day AP with the purpose of was re-flashed to be Wi-Fi enabled and with the same part, achieve both Cambium and standard Wi-Fi. (just not next to the same point in time – you’ll need solitary on the outside in lieu of the backhaul, and any more on the inside in lieu of customer finish campaign to attach via standard Wi-Fi in the domestic or business)

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