Wi-Fi SSID Overhead Calculator – Andrew Von Nagy

A resource to the total the people – Mr. Andrew Von Nagy and on paper a lot in life of profound facility of in turn he without restraint shares on the www.Revolutionwifi.Grid website. One of these has been an Excel worksheet you can definitely download and draw on to help realize of the effect of accumulation too many SSIDs on your Wireless LAN.

We all know having more SSIDs on your exchange ideas aren’t a delightful gadget – but Andrew breaks it down in profound notify so put on view the genuine effect of these other beacons using up airtime on your frequencies.

For this chart, I made approximately assumptions to put on view customers and students pardon? The effect of all other SSID is on a standard 802.11g Wireless LAN.  You may well pick every belief you’d like to convey ahead of printing and laminating lone of these on behalf of by hand.

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