Chart of All US Frequencies – FCC

Sometimes as Wireless LAN Professionals, we put out of your mind something like all the other wireless frequencies to facilitate are in value. At epoch, this chart is a tad humbling… humbling to glimpse the massive amount of electromagnetic spectrum to facilitate is being allocated, used, and given that services to society.

I value it what time principles WLAN design classes to reinforce the thought of two major forces involved in the value of RF spectrum in favor of Wi-Fi. There is the FCC’s of the globe. These are the government agencies in charge of apiece country’s value of the inadequate resource of RF frequencies. The go along with is the IEEE and their groups to facilitate develop and ratify protocols.

Just think to facilitate apiece and all solitary of these myriad of tinted boxes has pages and pages of above-board manuscript crucial and calculating how apiece of these frequencies will be used.

A little staggering – and tremendous next to the same instant.

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