Integrity and the WLAN Profession by Samuel Clements

Here our industry, in attendance are numerous and often conflicting ideas surrounding what’s ‘best’ in place of a particular employment. We all (VARs, customers, manufacturers) often come across ourselves balancing the real earth with every total of most excellent practices advice.We’re recurrently bombarded with ‘do this’ and ‘don’t carry out that’ advice and I wanted to take a flash and highlight about of the strain we occasionally self-inflict. While we can’t grow as a company exclusive of associates flouting away from the mainstream, but we comprise to provide about distribution or level setting after we’re annoying to shove the envelope. Like a VAR, I commonly guarantee this most excellent practices conversation being abused especially in ‘new to the engineer’ environments and having been on both sides of the root-cause analysis conversation, it seemed like a session with the purpose of might walk about be of interest. Based on the comment I’ve acknowledged post-event, it was well acknowledged and worth the moment in time and effort!
A little small piece more as regards WLAN Professional Samuel…

He’s CCIE #40629 (Wireless) and CWNE #101
He spent numerous years working in the wireless industry burden design, implementation, and troubleshooting enterprise Wireless LAN sustaining mission crucial wireless applications such as Voice and Health Care products.
He blogs on or head on done to the No Strings Attached Show somewhere he recurrently co-hosts podcasts with Blake Krone.
Follow him on Twitter @samuel_clements

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