WLPC 2017 Phoenix – Call For Papers

In the role of we ramp up pro the after that #WLPC event – we’d like to specifically ask pro a ‘call pro papers’ – a impartially old-fashioned label – but it is solitary we all know and understand.
We hold a pair forms of presentation next to these proceedings:

The to start with is a standard 55-minute presentation to the intact federation attendees. These are pro in-depth and detailed presentations on a focus applicable to Wireless LANs.

The be with type is a TEN-Talk – a time-limited 10-minute presentation – designed to step lots of in order conveyed quickly. No lead-up, veto introductions, fair get a fright righteous into the material. These are to be high-energy, listening carefully, and perhaps even entertaining looks next to things with the purpose of you are excited and willing to share.

Our third, further type of presentation we are looking pro – these are more topical in nature and more of a unit talk – taking on the role of leading a “Birds of a Feather” session. If you think you hold a sub-group contained by the body of attendees, and think in attendance are things your unit might need to hear nearly, this is the place to shine.

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