Monitoring Wi-Fi With Cape Networks

After the presentation and session with Cape Networks’ David Wilson presented on #WLPC something like as your Wi-Fi from the finish user’s experience, I contemplation it would be fine to try it prohibited myself.
Cape had decently and professionally provided a small Micro-SD certificate with the purpose of permitted all #WLPC attendees to benefit from their Maker Session ODROID computers as a sensor to try prohibited the Cape service.

I’ve been on the road increasingly since the congress in Phoenix and didn’t come up with a unintended to induce my not public ODROID configured and on the Cape method. But luckily intended for me, they sent me a join of their sensors to try prohibited.

After a austere install – basically it was plugging in a sensor to a wired connection and waiting a fragment. The sensor phoned-home and was quickly up and running watching our association. The interface is austere, clean, and trained.
You can configure both External and Internal services to be tested along with basic association connectivity like DHCP and DNS. For the wireless trait, you right wanted to provide it the SSID you feel like to test.
You can configure pardon? Tests you feel like the sensors to complete and how often, as well as on pardon? Thresholds you feel like to be notified. This current version barely allows intended for email notifications, but it looks like they’ll be adding up something like SMS or other options in the forthcoming.

Luckily intended for our offices – I haven’t been able to test the email notifications yet – since the association has been rock solid. Perhaps I be supposed to test a different sensor in a resident inn so I can induce email notifications of failures…
This has barely been a quick test, but from pardon? I’ve seen so far, Cape Networks sensors are cool to deploy, and their customer service is top notch and very quick to respond.

It is helpful to predict a different player in the WLAN bazaar performance a hands-on way to keep tabs on your customer’s Wi-Fi and notify you of whichever issues aforementioned to getting complaints soon.

I look brazen to as more of Cape in the forthcoming.

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